Faculty and Rotations Surgical education is carried out by a diverse faculty that have primary boards in General Surgery and additional Sub-specialty qualifications where needed. To facilitate surgical education and to provide an adequate, varied, and equitable experience services have been created.

Service 1

Service 1 is one of the primary general surgical services with special emphasis on Colon and Rectum surgery. The faculty in charge of this service include 3 sub-specialty trained Colon and Rectal surgeons and 3 general surgeons. Robotic surgery is done by all surgeons on this service.

Service 2

This service is our Minimally Invasive and Bariatric surgical service. There are 4 faculty members and 3 of them have formal year of training in Minimally Invasive Surgery. The other surgeon is Dr. Hawasli who did the first Laparoscopic gallbladder in Michigan and is the director of the Minimally Invasive service.

Service 3

This is our Surgical oncology and HIPEC service. The service is run by Dr. Richard Berri a surgical oncologist and Dr. A. Chokechanachaisukul who is trained in Hepato-biliary surgery. Thoracic surgery is also covered on this service, and this allows for a robust senior experience.

Acute Care Service

The Acute Care Service is modeled to be a chief resident run service. The supervision is provided by the general surgeons and surgical specialists who take call for the emergency room. The service tends to be busy as our ER gets over 100,000 visits a year.

Vascular Surgery

The Vascular Surgery service is led by Drs. Jimmy Haouilou, David Lorelli and Scott Bendix. The service is intense and provides a fellowship level experience in open and endovascular cases. Cases include Trans Carotid Artery Reversal Endarterectomy and Thoracic aortic stenting. The lack of a fellow is an additional bonus as it allows for a robust resident experience. The vascular service is validated by the number of our residents who have gone on to do vascular surgery.

Trauma Surgery

Ascension St. John is an ACS verified Level 1 trauma center with a robust experience in penetrating trauma. Our Blunt to Penetrating ratio is 75::25 and makes for a varied operative trauma experience. The trauma service allows for resident autonomy under the guidance of trauma surgeons.

Critical Care

The Surgical Critical care service is run by Surgical Board-certified intensivists. There are 20 Surgical critical care, 10 Cardiovascular, 10 pediatric and 20 Medical intensive care beds along with a step-down unit. The rotation covers all aspects of surgical critical care including exposure to adult ECMO.

Pediatric Surgery

The Pediatric Surgery experience at ASJH is unique amongst all surgical residency program. The program covers Neonatal to Adolescent surgical conditions. There is no fellow covering and hence our residents have exposure as the primary surgeon on complex neo-natal conditions such as gastroschises to necrotizing enterocolitis. The program is under the directorship of Dr. Marc Cullen who is boarded in General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery and Surgical Critical Care.

Breast Surgery

The high-volume Breast surgery rotation is run by Dr. Jeffrey Falk and Dr. Natalie Rizk out of the ACS verified breast center. The breast surgeons are fellowship trained and thought leaders in the field. Most of our residents get their breast numbers by the end of their PGY-3 years

Transplant Surgery

ASJH does Kidney transplants for the Ascension group of hospitals in Southeast Michigan. The Transplant rotation is run by Drs. Darla Granger and Emad Kishi. The rotation attracts residents from other residencies who do not have a transplant service.

Endoscopy Rotation

Surgical endoscopy is done by the general surgical faculty and there is no problem in getting your required case volume for graduation or competence. The rotation is done for 1 month each in your PGY2 and 3 years. This rotation offers a break from the busy clinical rotations.

Rural Surgery elective

PGY-3 residents have the option of a rural surgery elective in Traverse City. This rotation has been a hit with our residents as they have routinely done over 45 major cases in a month. This rotation is optional, and residents may opt for a general surgery month at ASJH instead of this away rotation.


Residents get an in-house elective in their PGY-3 year and the option for an outside elective in their PGY4 year. In house electives can be customized to any of the surgical services in the hospital and residents have chosen to do Robotic surgery, Thoracic surgery and Colon and Rectum surgery amongst other rotations. Residents have used their outside elective to further their careers including rotating at quaternary centers such as the Cleveland clinic or finding jobs in smaller towns such as Marquette.